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Starting May 16 (Thu), neuronoa will hold its first solo show in Hong Kong. 14 artworks will be exhibited. Welcome to visit.


■ Exhibition Title:
neuronoa solo show "VIEW OF VIEW"

■ Location:
A4 Gallery
12/F 41-43 Graham Street Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2388 6956

■ Period:
May 16 (Thu) - June 16 (Sun), 2024

■ Open hours:
12-7pm (Closed on Monday)

■ Exhibition Statement:
Today, our daily lives are overflowing with information. And in this information society overload, the importance of focusing on our inner value stands out all the more. However, is it truly possible for us to avoid being swept away by the overflow of information emanating from around the world and viewing our inner value? neuronoa's artworks feature celebrities as motifs, serving as icons of the information society. These celebrities are covered by paints that embody the energy of that. By reflecting on the inner value of celebrities depicted within the painted canvases, the viewer's identity is sharpened. This time, in Hong Kong at the intersection of history and the city, neuronoa's solo exhibition "VIEW OF VIEW" will be held. Hong Kong continuously pursues a new future beyond various histories, striving to create an enriching society. What is true value? What is happiness? The exhibition's title "VIEW OF VIEW" embodies a desire to reflect upon our inner value. In Hong Kong, where the pursuit of a new future is continuous, encountering neuronoa's artworks is hoped to lead to a realization of the inner value within the viewer.