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neuronoa's work is currently featured in the bilingual art magazine "ONBEAT vol.18," which is now on sale. In conjunction with this, neuronoa is also participating in the "ONBEAT ART Show" that is touring nationwide. We would be delighted if you could visit when it comes to a location near you on the dates listed below. *This issue includes the final interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

June 28 - July 11: Takashimaya, Ehime
July 6 - July 12: Tokiwa, Oita
July 26 - July 31: Mitsukoshi, Ginza
August 23 - August 28: Mitsukoshi, Hiroshima
September 13 - September 18: Hankyu, Hakata

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現在発売中のバイリンガル美術情報誌「ONBEAT vol.18」に作品を掲載して頂いております。 それに伴い、全国を巡回する「ONBEAT ART Show」にも参加させて頂いております。下記日程でお近くにお越しの際は是非ご高覧頂けたら幸いです。

6/28〜7/11 愛媛 高島屋
7/6〜7/12 大分トキハ
7/26〜7/31 銀座三越
8/23〜8/28 広島三越
9/13〜9/18 博多阪急